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Ep 027 – Mutiara Proehoeman Saves Jandas

Our guest speaker is a Janda survivor of an abusive marriage and a string of harassments during her 14 years as a divorcee. Determined to empower other women in similar situation Mutiara Proehoeman founded Save Janda.

After overcoming personal struggles following her abusive marriage which ended in divorce, Mutiara made sure she recovered the post-traumatic stress and reentered the work force. With Save Janda, Mutiara is able to help other women who seek shelter and also to support single mothers to be productive and provide for their families through cross promotions of businesses as well as work training.

For more information on Mutiara you can check out the links below:
IG: @save_janda

On May 9, Janda Becanda in collaboration with The Perfect Pink Star will have its premiere workshop on How to Janda-Proof Your Life. What’s Janda proofing, you ask?

Simply a readiness course for that unexpected drastic life changing moment when you turn into either a widow or a divorcee. Don’t miss out on this ever critical skill where you will learn how to take a snapshot of where your family’s financial readiness is at the moment and compare to where you want it to be. You will receive the tools to help you assess and design the financial future you want for your family. You will also receive a checklist of necessary items to help keep you organized.

Register today at
Saturday, 9 May 2020
11:00 – 11: 45

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