Have dancer legs with 10 mins a day
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Have Dancer Legs with 10-mins a Day

Some of the greater rewards of exercise is more toned and lean muscles. I think of exercise primarily as an overall health maintenance medium. You get to rebalance hormones that literally makes you happier and think clearer. The fact that you burn calories and burn stored fat for energy to me is just the mechanisms of exercising, with weight loss and more toned muscles as beneficial side effects to regular work outs. Over the years I have found that all-body exercises like swimming and jogging really help in keeping alert from head to toe. Though with most of us in lockdown and having no access to pools or restricted from jogging outdoors we are limited in our access to working out. A simple at-home all body exercise is balancing.

There are of course many forms of balancing, but one in particular is great to do with just 10-minutes a day that can be broken up a few times during breaks from sitting down for zoom calls. The exercise is basically the chair pose with your back against the wall and sit low to make sure as if you’re sitting down on a chair. Once balanced with hips squared and flat against the wall and shoulders pressed firmly on the wall. Take a deep breath to elongate the spine and pull belly button in as far as you can and go on tip-toes for a continuous minute. As you build your strength you can go on longer. Once you come out of the pose shake your legs to rest the muscles.

Then go stand straight on the wall with hips, back and should pressing flat against it. Take a deep breath and elongate the spine as you go on tip toes and hold that pose for at least a minute. As you get stronger, you can go longer. The combination of the balancing and standing poses help strengthen muscles and form a simple practice to break up the monotonous routine of our sedentary lifestyles. And when done routinely, the side effects are that you have greater blood circulation, a beaming smile and toned dancer legs in no time.

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