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Ep 038 – How to Survive Narcissistic Abusive Relationships with Sexologist Zoya Amirin

So you find yourself in the most dramatic and intense relationship of your life but not in that fun romanticised Hollywood style. Yeah, you’re caught in a nightmare relationship with a Narcissist and you are trying to understand what happened. How to get out of it and after that mess is over, how to move on and thrive in the new chapter of your life.

Clinical Sexologist Zoya Amirin spoke from the heart of what she knows professionally and personally on how to deal with plain psycho Exes, the worst kind, the Narcissist. And how to overcome the aftermath of being the love slave, or Bucin, to these Narcissists. In one of the most candid interviews of Janda Becanda is a talk presented in full length to capture the critical steps in dealing with a Narcissistic Ex.

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