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Ep 029 – Maya Hasan Cures Covid-19 with Music Therapy

Maya Hasan is a harpist with a unique talent as healer using music as the medium. She is a renowned classical and popular harpist with special skills to use her music to cure ailments, be they emotional or physical. She recently treated a Covid-19 patient and helped him recover with her music therapy.

In this episode she leads a guided meditation while playing the harp. That section is available from 13:48 onwards.

She also happens to be a Janda whose personal stories of struggle not only in her professional but also personal lives are truly inspiring for their tenacity and resilience. She is woman who had nothing given to her and everything earned.

I hope her experiences of perseverance and overcoming challenges can serve as inspiration to us all.

Also excerpted in this episode is Maya’s latest single “In The Light” available on YouTube for the full piece.

More on our Janda Becanda series on personal development tools are our past episodes with Katrina Needham and Freya Coyer.

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