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Ep 028 – Sabin Choksi on how to conserve energy and practice freedom of thought

Our 28th episode guest Sabin Choksi is a dear friend of mine from United World College SEA in Singapore. Fast forward to the present day he and his family has started up an energy conservation company ThinkPhi – Halo with their Halo product which captures rain water and solar power and converts it into energy. Many noteworthy aspects of this global enterprise’s product from the sleek design to its versatile functionality. Halo is the prototypical representation of fluid thinking of the people behind it who want to offer solutions to age-old question how can humans utilize rain water and solar power which are free and convert it to usable energy at an affordable price for multi-uses.

It is this mind agility and the courage to pursue that thought is what of particular interest and showcased in today’s episode. Sabin is also an advocate for water conservation which resulted in the way he consumes food and turned vegan.

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