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Ep. 026 – Celebrating Earth Day with Eco Brand Ibu Bumi’s Annette Ratman

Today’s episode is our tribute to Earth Day and on the show we have a creative entrepreneur who founded the eco brand Ibu Bumi, which translates as Mother Earth.

Our guest, Annette Ratman, initially rolled out the brand out of frustration with how toxic modern options can be to care and clean for our bodies, households and even pets. So instead of complaining about it she researched the best traditional alternatives using local ingredients and created the ultra cool Bali-based Ibu Bumi label coupling the best of the old school ways with a modern twist.

Annette predicts for Indonesia the socio-economic impact of the national lockdown would be the return of village-based industries after the halt or disappearance of urban-centered jobs. She attributes this to the resilient nature of Indonesians to quickly adapt in the face of challenges and creatively respond.


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