Nadya Rudianto 2

Ep. 024 – Nadya Rudianto Busts Corona Blues & Zooms It Up

No pandemic can hold this vibrant and sassy chick down. Her second time on the podcast and as full of joie de vivre as ever. Nadya Rudianto is an Inferno Pilates instructor among many other exercise discipline that she teach which she continues to do now virtually. She leverages her social media presence to not only teach, but also to raise funds for charity with her classes. She is grateful for the advent of virtual meet ups that has definitely helped keep her motivated and sane.

Her high dose of energy is infectious and inspirational for others to do the same during these mad Corona times. She reveals her moodbosting daily tips and philosophies.

To learn more about Nadya’s charitable efforts and online business you can check out her IG @eboonad and @nad_scarf

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