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Ep. 021 – Vivi Alatas ditches all fears in career transformation from economist to podcaster

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For our 21st episode we have a World Bank lead economist come talk about reinventing the self.

Why has Janda Becanda interviewed an economist? Well, our guest is not only an expert at developing programs to curb poverty but she is also an aspiring podcaster with the dream to spread her message wide to extend positive vibes on her new show called “Asa & Galau,” which is loosely translated as “Hopes & anxiousness.” Meaning have hope and ditch your anxiousness. And that is her message today.

She also talks about her own transformation from her career with the World Bank and now her work as a podcaster. She shares her insights on how to reinvent your life. Discover your passion and purpose and live a life you are contented with.

Without further ado I present to you Vivi Alatas.

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