Ashima Thomas

Ep. 018 – Ashima Thomas bets large on Virtual Reality for the future

You hear stories of people who had life changing moments that inspired their lives to take a different path altogether. A virtual reality trip was that fork on the road for Ashima Thomas. A former BBC journalist turned short documentary filmmaker who turned to Virtual- and Augmented-reality for her new medium of story telling.

Her conviction of the future of VR for the masses rose higher than her fears of sticking to the work she was doing. Her vision as CEO of her Singapore-based firm Warrior 9VR is to show you the compelling stories that require your input to the point where you would take action. Her latest mission is to get people beyond awareness of the world’s plastic problem through an under water ocean experience using VR made available through your smartphones and get you to help combat the problem.

To learn more about Ashima and her work you can check out her Instagram and Facebook page.


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