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Ep. 017 – Freya Innana speaks her truth on unconditional love

Welcome to episode 17 where today I present to you a dear friend of mine whose accolades include Editor of an international woman’s magazine Nourrir, which she runs as a passion project while maintaining her corporate career with Oracle.

She experienced an incredible life transformation during her divorce process with the help of her yoga practice, Crossfit, poetry writing as well as personal development coaching. She now someone who successfully juggles being a single mom while always making time for herself. The same woman a decade ago was unable to be herself within her marriage. What changed?

I hope my podcast can not only spotlight the success stories of strong women, but also show us how they did it. One of the most important things she learned in her transformation journey was an effective mindset shift that helped her express herself, particularly when she felt vulnerable in her marriage and still effective today with her son.

Here today to share that ever critical life skill is my dear friend, Freya Innana.

To see more of her life transformation journey you can follow her on IG @freyasoulyoga

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