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Ep. 016 – Wanda, Nod & Fitri – Janda playbook is about having faith & purpose (Part 2)

Hi everyone,

For our Valentine’s Day episode I had the privilege of interviewing three Jandas. Each one a very special woman who share their experiences of being single, parenting, teaching and having their own businesses. They discussed their intolerance for infidelity, BS small talk and men.

We have Indonesia’s own sweetheart, Wanda Hamidah, the politician, mother, yogini and actress. Accompanying her are her best friends Nadia “Nod” Hastarini, a former corporate lawyer turn yoga instructor and owner of two of Jakarta’s hottest yoga shalas. And last but not least, Season 1 returnee, Fitri Wahab, a perennial entrepreneur and total fun loving Janda.

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