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Ep. 013 – Poppy Hanadhy – Tough love from a Janda (Part 1)

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new season of Janda Becanda.

I am super delighted to bring for the first and second episodes of this season my dearest friend, one of the funniest, dearest and most tough women I know to share her personal story as a Janda. She and I are childhood friends who became widows in the same year. She candidly shared the highs and lows of her experience in these 11 roller-coaster years. Her real talk was so good I had to split it up into two parts.

Since the passing of her husband she has co-founded the successful fashion label Pofeleve and managed the internationally renowed Magenta Orchestra. Too good to broadcast only once, here is Poppy Hanadhy.

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