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Ep. 011 – YouTubers Sushi Nooshie just Ok-Boomered me

This is our second to last show this season and we will take a break and pick up again in February 2020!

I am so excited for today’s guests because we welcome my 12-year-old daughter Paloma and 11-year-old niece Shakira who are aspiring Youtubers on their journey of growing their followers.

I wanted to put a finger on the pulse of what motivates them to dedicate their time on developing a social media presence. Apart from plain fun, they see the skills involved in growing a fan base as a necessity for their generation. Full of irreverent wit they mistakenly label anyone old as “Boomers,” and sheds an interesting viewpoint that to the young, old is just old.*

Life is a blank slate for them and they are already making headway on developing their creativity, technological skills as well as plenty of self reflection on what truly makes them happy.

Without further ado I bring you Paloma and Shakira or as you will soon know them as Sushi Nooshie.

*NB: In case you’re wondering, I’m no Boomer but definitively a minted Gen Xer, 🙂

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