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Ep. 010 – Agus “Abah Ush” Hermawan stays in love in his marriage and stays moving to age gracefully

It has become increasingly rare to find couples who stay content with their marriages and it is a delight to see my old friend stay in love with the woman in his life whom simultaneously he views as his girlfriend, wife and mother of his children. Such adoration and care he showed when speaking of his true partner in life and how she had claimed that “irreplaceable” spot in his heart.

He loves running and the running community loves him back for his easygoing and encouraging approach in connecting with other runners. Don’t let the carefree approach fool you of the driven and ambitious man this former reporter has for his hobby of running which he pursues with deep commitment and develops into a second career following his retirement from journalism.

His ambition is for recreational sports to develop in Indonesia as part of sports tourism. Let’s hear the story and vision of my dear friend Agus “Abah Ush” Hermawan.

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