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Ep. 007 – Bhimanto and Abby talks truth of journalism today and the importance of great mentors

On Janda Becanda today are two senior Indonesian reporters with combined experiences of working for international news agencies and primary Indonesian publications.

The episode looks at the importance of role models and mentors particularly in the early stages of one’s career. Our first guest is the esteemed former editor of the Jakarta Globe and news anchor for the Globe’s televised Perspective TV show. He was my mentor at the international news agency I worked for and someone whom I owe a great deal for my on the field reporting skills. And not to mention this guest is the first man on Janda Becanda.

Also joining us is a former news reporter for the BBC world service. She now works for the Global Fishing Watch leveraging her journalism background to advocate environmentally friendly causes, a subject that is near and dear to her heart.

You will hear us reminisce about our reporting days in the late 90s along with the observation and criticism of how journalism has changed in the last two decades.

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