How to Janda Proof Your Life

Welcome to the flagship course of the Janda Becanda Podcast. Students of the course will learn how to design their lives for shock-proofs in the event they become a widow or divorcee. If you are a widow or a divorcee, this course is also for you, as it gives a detailed guide on how to create the blueprint to the live you truly want for yourself. The life you truly deserve. 

For too long women’s financial security is tied in the context of being a spouse and within a marriage. Many married women suffer from too much dependence on their spouse and are disempowered when the spouse prematurely passes away or find themselves penniless when divorced.

This course is an online 2-part video course complete with checklists of item steps, yours for life after purchase and available 24/7 at your convenience. It’s designed with flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

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Difficulty: Beginner


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Janda Becanda Janda Becanda Author

Course Introduction

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Part 2 : Action Plan